Site Updates

Date Updated/Added Details
15th September 2005 Updated After being offline for a few months, the site gets it's life back as I can now financially afford to keep the site running.
11 December 2004 Updated Updated the home page to remove any information that wasn't relevant at the time.
28th June 2004 Added Merchandise lists with images and descriptions
  Updated Colour Scheme of the site. Hopefully made it look a lot better.
  Update Navigation. Took off all links that are not needed. Moved a few pages around.
25th June 2004 Added Photo of me in my Legion costume from Dimension Jump XI.
4th January 2004 Added New section added 'Dimension Jump, Me and the Series 3 DVD'. Also added photo section wih the cast and me along with a little description with each.
11th October 2003 Updated Updated homepage welcome text. Added news about Mike Tucker at The National Museum of Film and Photography in Bradford
13 August 2003 Updated Updated homepage welcome text. Moved/Resized birthday graphic. Added new stats counter. Removed the link to the TRD Forums as they don't work.
15th February 2003 Updated Birthday graphic added to home page. 15 years of Red Dwarf! Woo Hoo!

2nd February 2003

Updated New Domain name registered
April 2002 - February 2003 Various Minor updates.
5th April Added TRD Forums - now you can dicuss your favourite Show at TRD.
  Added New Polls (new software)
20th January 2001 Added TV Guide
13th January 2001 Added Quiz 9 added to the quizzes page
11th January 2002 Updated Inro page modified to show random images each visit.
  Added Link to The Red Dwarf Top 50 web site list.
  Updated Storyboard 37 added to storyboard page.
  Added The History of Total Red Dwarf.
1st January 2002 Updated Whole site re-organised making the site cleaner and easier to use.
1st January 2002 Update Storyboards page updated as the last few storyboards had not been added.
1st January 2002 Updated Home Page is now 'Non-flash', updated to give faster access to the sites content.
1st December 2001 Updated Chat members page, new member added.
1st December 2001 Updated Total Red Dwarf given a festive look, with Holly wearing a 'Santa Hat', and a Christmas message added to the Main Page.
3rd November 2001 Updated Chat members page, new member added.
3rd November 2001 Added Link to the James last Album on
2nd November 2001 Updated Storyboard 30 added to the Storyboard section.
20th October 2001 Added Locker Room Game added to the Games section.
16th October 2001 Added Games section with two game type, puzzles and draughts.
  Updated Storyboards - A long time since my last storyboard update, link also now moved from the news section to the main Navigation Console.
  Updated Navigation Console modfied to incorpoate more links, and audio added.
  Added Merchendise Section added - buy videos, books, audio books and posters with our assoiciation with e-tailers.
7th August 2001 Added Email Postcards
4th August 2001 Updated The Unofficial Red Dwarf Cookbook, recipe for Gazpacho Soup added
  Updated Chat members page, new member added.
1st August 2001 Added Link to an online Poster shop, where you can get each Red Dwarf poster. I did :)
21st July 2001 Added Chatroom - trdChat is now Available.
  Added The Unofficial Red Dwarf Cookbook (by John Langbein)
11th July 2001 Added Report about the recent trip to the real Aigburth Arms in Liverpool.
9th June Added Information about Red Dwarf Night (10th Anniversary).
  Updated Chat members page, new member added.
6th June 2001 Added Storyboard 10 added to the news section.
  Added Dimension Jump countdown timer added to the Main Page.
  Added Link to the Red Dwarf Search Engine on the Main Page.
26th May 2001 Updated Storyboard 9 added to the news section.
  Updated Main Page information changed.
18th May 2001 Added Storyboard 8 added in the news section.
9th May 2001 Added Information about Red Dwarf USA. Read about the pilot episodes, and read the through scripts. You might notice some similarities to the original.
4th May 2001 Added Quiz 5 is available, this one's a picture quiz, and is pretty easy as some of you haven't been doing well with the others.
28th April 2001 Updated Image Bank. New section added featuring pictures from each episode.
  Added People who regularly chat on Red Dwarf have their deails listed in 'Chat Members'
  Added A new Message Board. This is to allow you, my visitors to let me know of your scores on the quizzes, any mistakes on my site (if u find any), or any other Red Dwarf related messages.
27th April 2001 Added The 4th Quiz is now available.
  Updated Flash intro page, modified. This is updated with information every on update.
13th April 2001 Added More information about the Red Dwarf movie added to the News section.
13th April 2001 Added Storyboards of the forthcoming movie, added to the news section. This is updated weekly.
13th April 2001 Added 'Rate My Site!' added to the Navigation Console', please vote fairly.
17th March 2001 Updated Flash intro modified
17th March 2001 Added Quiz 3 is now available. Prove how well you know the episodes of Red Dwarf.
11th March 2001 Added New Quiz added. Bet you can't get 100%.
11th March 2001 Updated Episode information completed for series 4, 5, and 6. See the Episode Guide.
3rd March 2001 Updated New Poll added.
17th February 2001 Added News Section. Read about the forthcoming Red Dwarf movie and Tomb Raider movie
23rd February 2001 Updated Site logo redesigned once again.
  Added Flash animation intro page added to the site.
7th February 2001 Updated Site logo redesigned.
27th January 2001 Updated Title added to navigation.
  Updated Characters added to 'Other' of the Characters section.
  Updated Site Updates layout modified
  Updated Image Bank moved from the Miscellaneous section to the main navigation console.
  Added Addresses of Official Fan Clubs to the Miscellaneous section.
20th January 2001 Updated Main Pages (Help, titles, images, added to the main pages of each link).
  Updated TRD Polls (TRD - Vote Poll renamed & new poll added).
  Added Quiz (Put your Red Dwarf knowledge to test).
December 2000 Added TRD - Vote Poll (Vote for your favourite character).
August 1999 - December 2000 Total Red Dwarf v2 was released, and up and running, but was still under major development.
January 1999 - June 1999 Total Red Dwarf v1 was created, and hosted at GeoCities. It was plagued with non-related banners and advertisements imposed by the host, and so was taken down in June 1999.