Red Dwarf Night

The date: February 14th; the year: 1998; the place: BBC 2

A special day for Red Dwarf. This was the 10th anniversary of Red Dwarf, and to commemorate 10 years since 'the best BBC 2 sitcom ever' was first shown; a night of entertainment was planned.

Presented by Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard from Star Trek) who is a fan of the series just like ex-president Clinton, Madonna, and Stephen Hawking. The evening had a planned line up of Red Dwarf goodies to keep even 'me' happy.

The line up was as follows:
9:00 pm Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg
9:30 pm Red Dwarf - The Smeg Ups
10:00 pm Universe Challenge
10:30 pm Red Dwarf:A-Z
11:00 pm Gunmen of the Apocalypse

Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg





The night stared with a special edition of "Can't Cook, Won't Cook" (a popular daytime cookery program on the BBC), in which Ainsley Harriott teaches people to cook.

Lister and Kryten team up, and Rimmer chooses to team up with Cat. Cat (vane as ever) refuses to be on a team with Rimmer, so then Rimmer is left on his own... hmmm.. Dwayne Dibbley steps in to replace Cat, leaving Kristine Kochanski as the 'involuntary' taster (well as Kryten points out she did loose the "ippy-dippy").

Dwayne shows off his cutting skills with the chopping of an onion. Later switching his and and Rimmers burnt rice with Ainsley's. The crew have a fun time making jokes aimed to annoy Ainsley, this ended with both teams creating a pretty fine mess of the whole meal, to the horror of Kochanski, who later had to taste them.

Lister asks if Ainsley Harriott was ribbed at school about his initials. Kryten then gets his groinal attachment sawn off by for trying to explain that the initials A.H. usually stand for 'Ass' 'Hole'.

I'm not going to give away who won out of the teams because you might not have seen it, and that would not be fair.

Red Dwarf - The Smeg Ups

Well this was a kinda compilation of both the SMEG UPS and SMEG OUTS videos. Was introduced by Kryten, and joined later by Lister and Rimmer. Even if you've seen both the videos this was still very enjoyable viewing.

Universe Challenge

In this very special edition of University Challenge. The brave main cast of Red Dwarf take on five of it's most knowledgeable fans (I was gutted they didn't choose me), including the, then-chairman, of The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. It starts out with Chris Barrie doing a mighty fine impression of Jeremy Paxman, who was then blasted out of the seat by Bamber GascGoine with a bazookoid.

Although especially Chris Barrie and the rest of the cast put up a good effort against the fans, but how do they fare up? I'll let you watch it to find out. But some of the questions were not easy like "what is Kryten's full name" and "what precisely is the chance of drawing 4 aces in a row", even beating out Robert Llewellyn in recognising his own baby picture!

Red Dwarf A-Z

This show features several RED DWARF fans explaining what is so great about the show. Even the 'BBC Head of Entertainment' himself telling us how sci-fi sitcoms never ever work (I think somehow, he was wrong about this one)

Gunmen of the Apocalypse

What a way to end a night of Red Dwarf frivolity than watching an Emmy-award winning episode. This was a perfect way to end things.