Red Dwarf and Me

I originally watched Red Dwarf from the day it started in 1988. I missed the odd episode here and there over the next few years.

I would say I've been a fan since about 1997. There have been moments, where I could not live without even going one day without watching at least one episode. There have been times that I've been so fed up with Red Dwarf that I wanted to bin my whole collection and find a different pastime. I think that most fans of this television series go though the same feelings - I do know of two such people at least - so I'm not on my own :)

So this is how this web site began,

In 1997 I started to learn HTML (The language of the Web) and decided to write a section of my personal home page about Red Dwarf. Only having episodes I'd taped from television (mostly from the 1994 re-run), the information I had was limited to the shows content and what I could remember. I scoured the Internet (at the time on a 486 PC running Windows 3.11, using a shared modem which was really slow) for as much Red Dwarf information I could find, to put on my own Red Dwarf section. At the time there were not many sites out there, and to be honest they weren't very good. Most of the better web sites were add-ons to newsgroups. The Red Dwarf section on my personal home site grew larger as I redesigned it over and over whilst practicing different web design techniques.

In December 1998 I decided that I had enough Red Dwarf Information gathered to create web site solely for that subject. So over the Christmas break (I was at University), I worked really hard hand-coding each page to make my very own Red Dwarf web site. I hosted the site with GeoCities and I was quite happy with the results. Over time I found faults with my design, and there were things I didn't like about it too, so I decided to totally redesign the site. Over the summer of 1999 I worked my socks off on a new design. I had only tried one WYSIWYG editor at the time and that was Microsoft's FrontPage 98. I only used it once as it was an abolsutley terrible tool. So, back to handwriting the web site I went. To do the design how I wanted meant using one of the most difficult to understand HTML techniques - Frames. I hand-coded over 30 framesets for the site. This was a lot of work, but my love of Red Dwarf kept me going, sometimes late into the night.

I launched the site in August 1999 hosting it on the web space, and using the web address I got with my ISP, then got a free V3 URL domain name to disguise it ( This was brilliant, my own Red Dwarf site and there wasn't another - that I knew of - which was as good as it.

I soon found a one or two other Red Dwarf web sites popping up online. Some were brilliant, some not so good. The original went offline soon after and was replaced with a nice flash cartoon featuring Doug Naylor stating that the web site was going to have an overhaul. The site came to us about 5 months later and was brilliant. The Officers Club part of the site which features the Webboard and Chat Room came a few months later and was my first proper contact with other Red Dwarf fans. The message board grew with hundereds of people registering with the site. I began to make freinds on in the Chat room like bbJohn, DannyJohnJulesLover aka Kate (who is now my best freind in the whole world), Larry (who I nick named "Loopy Larry" hmmm? That kinda stuck), KarenNC from North Carolina. I met her at DJ, she's lovely. Simon Turner and the newly married Beth Turner (No, not of Pirates of the Carrabean) These two met on the Webboard after Vicky and I got together. We knew something was going on the moment they met ;) Anyway I could go on about the history of the webboard and the hundereds of freind I've made all day, but this is about Red Dwarf and Me, so back to me. I met my first proper girlfriend on the webboard. I picked a name out at random from the members registered on the Webboard, emailed her, we became freinds, decided to meet up (this was one of the best experiences of my life). We started to go out with each other - and the rest is history. We were together for over 3 years, and we had some great times even though we had a long-distance relationship. In the end we grew apart and I finished the relationship, but as far as I know she's happy in her life. She's getting married in June aparently?

Anyway, whilst I was with Vicky we shared 2 Dimension Jumps together DJ:IX and DJX. The latter of these you can see highlights if you buy Red Dwarf Series III on DVD and watch Hattie's DJ Diary on Disc 2. I feature as part of this *smug mode*. I appeared practically naked when I entered the DJ Fancy Dress Competition as 'Potato Virus Rimmer' wearing nothing but a pink thong and a skullcap made from tissue & cling film (See below) *shame overload, I I I I, sorry*.

With no new series of Red Dwarf, The Red Dwarf Movie taking so long and me having a job; Red Dwarf was put on the backburner in my life. Although I still liked Red Dwarf my life started to go in a different direction. I got too busy to update my site as often and TOTAL RED DWARF didn't change much. Because I had a job and money coming in, it only seemed right that I keep my Red Dwarf Collection going (See Below). It's getting a rather large collection now, but nowhere near as James Bull's (The new TORDFC Chairman). So anyway I attended Dimension Jump XI and entered the Fancy Dress again as Legion this time (see below), but drat I didn't win :( There were some good entrys. Bloody Simon Smith has a lot to answer for - He'd better not win again at the DJ:XII! True, his costuime ideas are inspired, but mine cost me a small fortune!!

So that's were we're up to. I'm well known on the Webboard, I'm kind now known world wide as I'm on the Red Dwarf Series III DVD. I'm known at and their message boards. I feel like I'm part of a big Red Dwarf Family.

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Dimension Jump X was the place that I went naked (almost) for my love of Red Dwarf. If you click the image above, you can read the answers to the ten most questions I was asked about it.

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