Recipes taken from and inspired by the series RED DWARF
Created and Interpreted by John Langbein
© 2001 John Langbein
All Rights Reserved

The duplication and public distribution of these recipes without source acknowledgement is prohibited. For personal non-commercial use only. Commercial reproduction is prohibited without expressed written consent by the owner/creator John Langbein.



In creating these recipes, I have tried to simplify the directions as much as possible so that even a novice can prepare many of these dishes very easily. Some are harder, and I try to let you know what difficulties you may run into. Still, I didn't just want this to be a novelty item for fans; I wanted
a serious cookbook that fans and non-fans would enjoy,yet with that specia element specifically for the fan.

I have researched many recipes to create these creations. These are pretty much original recipes (Credit is given when credit is due). Some elements are fairly standard amongst all recipes (i.e. Dry/wet proportions for pasta, etc.). Still, I can say that these are my creations based on my experiences
in a kitchen. I am not a professional chef, but my cooking skills are respected, and I hope that you will find these recipes fun to share at your next Red Dwarf party.

So, with these initial recipe postings, please comment about clarity of the directions, how the difficulty truly rates with your experiences, and any other ideas that may come to mind. We want this cookbook to not only be novel, but a reference guide you will want to use in the future.


Special Thanks to the chatters at The Official Red Dwarf web site, and especially Paul of Total Red Dwarf for providing a high visibility outlet for these creations.