Quiz 9

1) What was the registration of rimmers E-type Jaguar?
a) RD 169
b) 882 FOP
c) RED 1
d) BTL 2ND

2) What floor is the Drive Room on?
a) 592
b) 16
c) 454
d) 147

3) What is Lister's identification number aboard Red Dwarf?
a) 12169
b) 52169
c) 32169
d) 72169

4) What did the dispensing machine give to Lister instead of a Black coffee?
a) Wellingtons
b) Bucket
c) A pea on toast
d) Chicken Soup

5) Which, of these was not used in the same scene as the other three?
a) Moss Bros
b) Teezy Weezy
c) Speaking Clock
d) Mum

6) Which of these computers has been heard in more than one episode?
a) Queeg
b) Hilly
c) Holly
d) Gordon

7) What time did Red Dwarf hit Light Speed?
a) 11:12
b) 11:13
c) 11:14
d) 11:15

8) On the food checklist, there were 4691 of what?
a) Irradiated haggis
b) Homogenised puddings
c) Reconstituted sausage pate
d) Rehydratable chickens

9) How many hours early did Red Dwarf break the light barrier?
a) 21 hours
b) 22 hours
c) 23 hours
d) 24 hours

10) Which of these is the 'odd one out'?
a) Hununga
b) Nureek
c) Ratatatat
d) Sqilookle