Quiz 6

1) How many years did the King of The Potato people want to keep the crew in quarantine?
a) 10 Minutes
b) 10 Hours
c) 10 Years
d) 10 Millennia

2) In which series other than 8 has 'The Brig' been mentioned?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

3) What quarantine suite did Rimmer put the crew in?
a) 132
b) 152
c) 158
d) 176

4) What is Princess Bonjella's first name?
a) Berol
b) Kristine
c) Elizabeth
d) Talia

5) Aboard the holoship, who was 'Crew Member 4172'
a) Captain Hercule Platini
b) Randy Navaro
c) Natalina Pushkin
d) Nirvana Crane

6) What floor, aboard the holohip was the Botanical Gardens?
a) 5640
b) 6120
c) 6700
d) 2040

7) Which of these minds was Legion 'not' host to?
a) Einstein
b) Heideger
c) Quayle
d) Davro

8) In 'Queeg', which cable should the red cable have been connected to?
a) Green
b) White
c) Blue
d) Yellow

9) Which 'Total Immersion Video Game' machine were the crew using?
a) Machine 16
b) Machine 17
c) Machine 18
d) Machine 19

10) In which episode do we see Pete Tranter's sister?
a) The End
b) Stasis Leak
c) Psirens
d) Better Than Life