Quiz 5

1) Who is this?
a) Professor Mamet
b) Dr Lanstrum
c) Dr McClaren
d) Dr Who

2) Which series is this scene from?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 4
d) 8

3) What is this?
a) The Holoship
b) Starbug
c) Legion's Space Station
d) GELF Ship

4) Which episode is this from?
a) Back to Reality
b) Tikka to Ride
c) Cassandra
d) Emohawk: Polymorph II

5) What is this?
a) A Simulant
b) A Droid
d) A Hologram

6) What device is in this picture?
a) Triplicator
b) Matter Paddle
c) Holly Hop Drive
d) Star Drive

7) Who is not in this picture?
a) Chen
b) Peterson
c) Lister
d) Selby

8) Where is this woman seen?
a) Dr Who
b) Channel 27 News
c) The Express Lift
d) Teaching Rimmer Esperanto

9) Who are these ladys?
a) Nova 5 crew
b) Psirens
c) Red Dwarf crew
d) Pleasure GELF's

10) What machine is this?
a) Self-repair Unit
b) DNA Modifier
c) A Mind Scan
d) Total Immersion Video Game