Quiz 4

1) In 'Backwards' what color is Rimmers Uniform?
a) Red
b) Green
c) Blue
d) Gold

2) What is Krytens 'diners card' number?
a) 4000
b) RD 169
c) KRY001
d) 6129 96123

3) George McIntyre was?
a) Dutch
b) American
c) English
d) Welsh

4) How many times did rimmer write 'I am a fish' in his astro-navigation exam?
a) 200 times
b) 300 times
c) 400 times
d) 500 times

5) Where did lister get Frankenstein from?
a) Io
b) Titan
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

6) What floor was the stasis Booth?
a) 159
b) 438
c) 147
d) 541

7) In Balance of Power, how many 'Irradiated Haggis' were there, in the ships Inventory List?
a) 6691
b) 5691
c) 4691
d) 3691

8) Who killed 'Paranoia'?
a) Confidence
b) Stab Him!
c) Rimmer
d) Himself

9) Which of these people is 'not' one of Listers friends?
a) Chen
b) Peterson
c) Ackerman
d) Selby

10) What gives Kryten his behaviour protocols?
a) Anxiety Chip
b) Smug Mode
c) Guilt Chip
d) Lie Mode