Quiz 3

1) In 'Tikka to ride', how old did Lister say he was?
a) 26
b) 27
c) 28
d) 29

2) Which episode featured the crew from 15 years into the future?
a) Dimension Jump
b) Out of Time
c) Time Slides
d) Future Echoes

3) In 'Psirens', what body organ was used as a Full Stop?
a) Kidney
b) Heart
c) Liver
d) Brain

4)In 'Polymorph', which of these, didn't the polymorph turn in to?
a) The Statue of Liberty
b) A doll wearing a long hoop dress
c) A white telephone
d) A toy elephant

5) Which of these episodes, hasn't featured Kristine Kochanski?
a) Cassandra
b) Backwards
c) The End
d) Balance of Power

6) Which of the these episodes had only one Rimmer in it?
a) Me2
b) Stoke Me a Clipper
c) Out of Time
d) Quarantine

7) Which of these episodes does not have an animal in it?
a) Emohawk
b) Pete - Part 2
c) Duct Soup
d) The End

8) Which episode features a gestalt entity?
a) Quarantine
b) Gunmen of the Apocalypse
c) Emohalk: Polymorph II
d) Leigon

9) In which episode did we first hear this catchphase: - "Smoke Me a Kipper, I'll be back for breakfast"?
a) Stoke Me a Clipper
b) Dimension Jump
c) Blue
d) Parallel Universe

10) Which Episode featured the 'Holly Hop Drive'?
a) Pete - Part 1
b) Tikka to Ride
c) Parallel Universe
d) Melt Down