Quiz 2

1) What level was the Stasis Leak on?
a) Level/Nivelo 16
b) Level/Nivelo 592
c) Level/Nivelo 354
d) Level/Nivelo 196

2) On what floor was the Hologram Simulation Suite?
a) Level/Nivelo 018
b) Level/Nivelo 354
c) Level/Nivelo 592
d) Level/Nivelo 599

3) What was the room number of Lister and Kochanski's Honeymoon suite?
a) 001
b) 008
c) 007
d) 016

4) To whom did Lister loose his virginity?
a) Yvonne McGruder
b) Lisa Yates
c) Kristine Kochanski
d) Michelle Fisher

5) What game did Holly play against Queeg?
a) Draughts
b) Snakes & Ladders
c) Monopoly
d) Chess

6) What long-term parking bay was Sebasian Doyle's car in?
a) Bay 17
b) Bay 47
c) Bay 65
d) Bay 43

7) In Kryten's favorite TV programme 'Androids', which android plays Kelly?
a) ANDROID 147621E
b) ANDROID 975421P
c) ANDROID 722641Y

8) For how many minutes did Lister spend at art college?
a) 67
b) 77
c) 87
d) 97

9) When the crew emerged from the Total Imersion Video Game what was their score?
a) 46%
b) 4%
c) 10%
d) 1%

10) What number has Holly always had a 'blind spot' for?
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9