Quiz 1

1) Name Lister's gold fish
a) Bill and Ben
b) Lennon and McCartney
c) George and Ringo
d) Pinky and Perky

2) What is Holly's IQ?
a) 6000
b) 600
c) 60
d) 6

3) What is Kryten's middle name?
a) 2X4B
b) 523P
c) Cecil
d) Mammet

4) What was the Cat's 'Shiny Thing'
a) Singing tie-clip
b) Yo yo
c) Shoe
d) Chair

5) What is Lister's least favourite food?
a) Curry
b) Space Wieval
c) Pot Noodle
d) Carrot

6) Who was Kryten's replacement?
a) Leigon
b) Hudsen 10
c) Cassandra
d) Camille

7) Name the holoship
a) Blue midget
b) Enlightenment
c) Red Dwarf
d) SSS Esperanto

8) What does 'AR' stand For?
a) Android Rickets
b) Ace Rimmer
c) Arnold Rimmer
d) Artificial Reality

9) The SSS Silverberg; what is the name of the ships computer?
a) Queeg
b) Hilly
c) Gordon
d) Cassandra

10) Rimmer's qualifications: What does BSc stand for?
a) Bachelor of Science
b) Bronze Swimming Certificate
c) Bachelor Sanitation and Cleaning
d) Best Shaking coward