Report by Paul (TRD)

On Saturday 22nd September 2001, it was my last night in London. Having had a fantastic week 'down south' this night was a great way to finish my holiday.

Having never met (in person) many Red Dwarf fans, I felt safe in the knowledge that I would not be alone in my fascination with Red Dwarf. This being said, not much was actually spoken about the small rouge one. Having only met these people online I had my worries that no-one would turn up, but my worries disappeared soon after meeting Ruth.

To kick the evening off, myself and Vicky caught the tube to Leyton where we were to meet Ruth, and not to disappoint she turned up bang-on time. The three of us finally ended up at our destination which was a bar called Bonaparte's on the main concourse at Waterloo station. Being the first there, we bought a drink and then got chatting.

People started to arrive, and there ended up nine of us:

Ruth, Den, Faye, Helen, Debbie & Paul (Paulie), Garry, Vicky, and myself

After we'd all been acquainted, before moving to our final destination for the evening a quick trip to McDonalds was called for as some of us had not eaten all day!.

We moved to what was to be our final destination 'The Jubilee Tavern', but it was closed, huh! So after arguing for a few minutes at to whose fault it was that they didn't check the opening times, we decided to jump back on the tube and go to Piccadilly Circus. Ruth taking the lead led us to a quaint public house 'The Devonshire Arms' in which we adjourned to the upstairs bar.

Many drinks were drunk, mainly beer and alcoho-pops, and particularly nice red Aftershocks, of which I had four (or so I can remember). I do remember that I couldn't get over how expensive beer was in London.

Being the drunken people we were, singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and downing the red Aftershocks at the 'Wayne's World' / head banging bit, we got some funny looks from other patrons.

I gave out Steak & Kidney Puddings to each of the attendees, as for some unknown reason they didn't know what they were? (That's southerners for ya!). Those who didn't want them even tried giving them to some Americans as they were leaving.

The journey home seemed a lot shorter than the journey there, but then again I was drunk :)

Well I'm looking forward to attending another Local Meet soon, whether it be London, who knows?

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