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Saturday 14th August heralded a momentous event . The Manchester Meet 2.0

Attendees - Me (Paul), Mick, Nicky, Alex, Swarj, Matt, Joey, Ian, Cappsy, Sue, Curtis, and latecomer Karl

There was not much to tell about this one really, well, with relation to Red Dwarf. Arriving in style on the Metro link, I arrived at Piccadilly about 11:30. I went into Yates's at Piccadilly station - no one was there so I found an empty table in the corner and sat down with a drink. Mick turned up first, then other people arrived in dribs and drabs. We were at Yates's for hours waiting for everyone to turn up.

We set off around Manchester, apparently only Curtis knowing where he was going. Matt who lives there didn't have a clue didn't know where we were, nevermind where to go. We set off for Sacha's, the restaurant where they filmed scenes in Better Than Life. As people had been there before we went straight round to where it was filmed (see pictures below). We were all hungry so we tried to order some food at Sacha's, but the waiter came back saying that the kitchens were closing due to a function they were preparing for. Annoyed we were - especially myself as I was feeling mazy and needed food!

So off to find somewhere else to eat. Weatherspoons do good food - apparently! The bar manager chucked us out because I didn't have the correct ID - even though I am an old codger - so we had to leave.

We ended up eating in Pizza Hut and it was delicious!

After eating we trundled off to find our accommodation for the night - the Hatters (Tourist Hostel). Our room was on the third floor and had 4 bunk-beds - I claimed a top bunk straight away :) After chillin' in our room for 10 minutes or so we set off for the FAB bar - a cult TV themed bar - on Portland Street. We must have spent 2 and a half hours here - chatting, drinking, smoking cigars, putting bobbles in Karl's hair - (see pictures below), and Mick spent £1.50 on playing and completing an original Star Wars Arcade machine.

When we'd had enough of the TV themed bar, we wanted to go somewhere different, the thing was no one knew anywhere to go - so after 25 minutes of wandering the streets and queuing for cash-back in Sainsbury's Local we decided to walk up and find a nice cheap pub to frequent. So The Old Monkey on Portland street was our next stop. We adjourned to the upper floor and pints were downed one by one. There was something funny about my drink - well in fact anyone who was drinking Guinness - it had to have shamrocks, smiley faces etc drawn into the froth which proved quite amusing. This was not as amusing as finding a clothing size-sticker with the moniker LARGE - CHEST and sticking it to Sue's chest :) (see pictures below), or the comparison of peoples fat bellies - photo's of which were not taken with my camera - you will have to ask Mick.

Last orders at the bar, drinks were supped and we headed off to Jilly's a club we found out to be a Rock club. This was the best ending to a night out in Manchester. Never having been to a Rock club before I was quite taken aback at what people were wearing and not wearing. We spent the rest of the night drinking, dancing, and having a great time.

Closing time, food time again. McDonalds at 2:20ish am - just what you need after a night out! Then it was back to the Hostel and to bed. Swarj, Ian, Sue, and Mick stayed up. Alex, Cappsy and me went to sleep.

Sunday 15th and I woke first at about 8 o'clock with a hangover. So I just turned over and went back to sleep until alarm clocks went off at 9 as Swarj's train was at about 10 ish and he didn't want to miss it. The others woke and we all just lounged in our beds until about 11 ish quoting Red Dwarf and chatting about the previous night. Tea and Toast was next on the agenda, I must have had 3 cups of tea before we left at 12.

Well, that's it. Maybe we'll get more people next time.


Pictures - There are only thumbnails now.

Yates's @ Manchester Piccadilly

Matt Nicky Ian & Joey Mick
Swarj Paul Alex Cappsy
Sue Curtis    


Entrance to Sacha's This is where they filmed the restaurant scene in Better Than Life This admiral plaque was behind Rimmer in one scene in Better Than Life Ian, grumpy because they won't serve us food
Group shot      

Pizza Hut

Ah, what to have? That was delicious! Time to pay!  

On the way to, and in, FAB Bar

Ian is a Unique Woman :) Nice hat!
Karl blinking Karl, you blinked again! Try again! Ah, almost
The bar
 That's not port Ian!


Dunno what this was about? Yo!    
The Old Monkey
Sue and Cowboy Ian Ian Chilled out Swarj Large Chest

Jilly's Rockworld


Sunday morning @ the hostel