Dimension Jump, Me and the Series 3 DVD

As thousands, well maybe not thousands, ok ten of you have asked me questions about the DVD and Pink Thong business, I've decided to interview my self and answer questions that people have asked.

1. Why did you enter the fancy dress competition at DJX?

I went to Dimension Jump DJ:IX and watched people in the fancy dress and was really jealous. For 12 months I'd been telling my friends that I'd enter at at the next convention.

2. How did you choose your fancy dress idea?

It was kind of chosen for me. I had been joking to my girlfriend that I'd enter the fancy dress as 'Potato Virus Rimmer' on the journey to DJ. On arrival she told everyone we knew (quite a few people), what I was intending to do. As we registered at DJ I was asked if I was entering the Fancy Dress, and now I had to say 'yes'.

3. Why wear a pink thong?

Well, the Fan Club Team were a bit worried that I would be flashing my bit's on the stage; as there were children in the Audience. I assured them that I was not going to do this, but reassured them and said I will wear something to cover up. Pink was the nearest thing to skin colour I could get my hands on.

4. What was the bald head made of?

Two great guys who were at DJ, Simon and Jules; had heard about my costume idea and because I had no bald cap, decided to help me and make one. Simon (The Winner in the Fancy Dress) is good at making costumes, and said all he would need is some cling film and a bit of tissue paper he had found lying around. ;)

So Simon made it an I went to his room to have it stuck to my head with double-sided sticky tape.

5. Was it cold being stood there in all that.. thong?

No, actually it was rather warm, though I was shivering from being nervous. Though this subsided when I saw Lee Cornes (Paranoia) get into a blue dress.

6. You were holding bit's of paper. What were these for?

There bit's of paper were to disguise the fact that I wasn't actually naked (as the character is) as I was wearing a pink thong. Lee kindly told everyone in the audience about the pink thing, which didn't do anything for my nerves, I can tell ya!

7. What was written on the bits of paper?

I decided that if I were to be holding paper the they should have some writing on them. The hotel were kind enough to let us use their computer to print out some Space Corps Directives. Below is what was on them.

It was a bit of a rush job to make these, and we made a mistake with the Directive, as 196156 should have read ' Any officer caught sniffing the saddle of the exercise bicycle in the women's gym will be discharged without trial.'

 This should have 

8. Did you win and if so, what did you win?

Yes! I won 3rd prize in the fancy dress and was quite astounded that I'd won something. Other contenders has spent weeks making their costume where as mine was a last minute impulse costume. Though it did take some guts I have to admit. I won a signed photograph of Craig Charles in Captain Butler; a Red Dwarf 2003 calender (only available in Australia), and best of all a Trophy.

9. Would you enter the fancy dress again?

Yes I would. It was one of the best parts of Dimension Jump. I would encourage anybody to take part. It was exciting to be 'back stage' waiting to see what people would think if my costume. Apparently Chloe Annett loved it and wanted me to win :D

10. How do you feel t be on a DVD that's being sold Worldwide?

Honoured actually! I'm not in the least bit embarrassed as it was all good fun in the name of Red Dwarf. True I do think my voice sounds terrible and a few of the things I said were a bit silly, but on the whole I'm totally thrilled-to-bits to be on the DVD.